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Interested in joining Raagapella?



Schedule your first round interview using the calendar or click here!

Whether you're a frosh just getting used to campus or a grad student looking for a break from the lab, we'd love to meet you and hear you sing. We've released multiple albums, all filled with arrangements created by our very own members. We'd love to hear your voice featured on the next one! We will be tabling in White Plaza during NSO and will be performing at O-Show on Sept. 23rd. Come listen to us sing, and get any questions answered! See below for a quick FAQ.

First-round auditions consist of a 1–2 minute solo (you can sing anything you'd like!), along with a scales exercise, pitch matching exercise, and rhythm exercise. 

Raag holds a special place in the hearts of all our members. Vikram, a tenor on the team, saw Raag performing his favorite song of all time the very first time he ever saw a performance, and now he's been on the team for three years!

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